About the Roses

Charlene Rose 
As a child Charlene was the 5th child in a family of eight children. At 8-years-old she was put into a foster home. At 10, she was moved out of town with her siblings only to be separated again by 12. At 13, she suffered the loss of her brother Billy in a tragic drug and alcohol-related car accident spiraling her into her own drug use. At 15, she became pregnant. She became a mother and was married by 16. By 18, she had two children. Miraculously, at 19, she was delivered from drug addiction. At that time she came to her faith. For many years Char has served as a women’s leader and teacher in her church and is a popular conference speaker. For over five years she worked in a K-12 private school system where she wore many hats including administration. She served as a youth leader for many years as well as a camp counselor for four years.  She has also managed a national vitamin and nutrition store. Today, she serves as a source of hope by helping others see that they are able to make better choices. She and husband Steve-who joins her on tour-live in Wisconsin. 
Steve Rose
He burst onto the scene in 1996 with the book “Leap of Faith: God Must Be a Packer Fan” birthed from his time working in media with members of the Green Bay Packers. To date he’s written five books and created and produced the 13-week “Coincidence or Godincidence” TV show sponsored by Johnsonville Sausage. Along with his wife Charlene, Steve is serving as executive producer of "Only 16: Tragedy of 2 Billys". Life’s not always been easy for Steve due to some wrong choices. On April 15, 1991-feeling his life heading down a deadly path-he chose to get into treatment for alcoholism. Today he is successfully 25-years-sober. He’s encouraged and spoken to hundreds of audiences about hope and purpose.